Ezytire provided every feature we were looking for in a website. Better yet, it provided features we didn’t know we needed, but proved just as important. The best feature? The Ezytire people continue to work on marketing our website, creating advertising campaigns, getting involved in social networks, optimizing search engine results, and doing everything they can to drive consumers to our website.


If consumers cannot find tires and prices on your website, they may look elsewhere. Ezytire connects with your point-of-sale and e-commerce systems to show your inventory online.

Shopping Cart

Keep up with the big boys by adding an Ezytire shopping cart to your site. Now your store is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—never miss another sales opportunity!


Coupons provide a great incentive for consumers to visit your store and to purchase tires. Ezytire provides coupons direct from tire manufacturers, or you can upload your own.


Each Ezytire website comes with a Tireweb Marketing campaign to drive potential consumers to the website, involving search engine optimization and on-going web marketing.


Your Ezytire website includes a TirewebLocal account that lists your store on over 250 local directories including Yahoo, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Google+ Local.


Ezytire works properly on mobile devices, because consumers use them to find your store’s address, opening hours, and tire prices; even to look for coupons and offers while they are in your store.

Control Panel

You’re in complete control of your Ezytire website. Need to change text, an image, a coupon, or anything else? Just log on to the Control Panel and do it yourself.

Easy To Use

Your Ezytire website can be up and running within five minutes. It’s easy to operate, easy to maintain, and requires no technical knowledge.


Each Ezytire website comes with a design that is personalized to the business—no cookie-cutter websites. We can work with your choice of designer, or provide our own.


Ezytire provides a comprehensive content management system giving you complete control over your website content, rebates and coupons. Don’t have time? Contact our support team and we’ll take care of the changes for you.

Administation Toolbox


The main benefit of Ezytire is that you get much more than a website. Ezytire integrates with tire inventory systems, point-of-sale systems, payment processors, shipping companies, social networks, online advertisers, and search engines including Yahoo, Google, Yelp, and over 250 local directories.


Ezytire connects with over 600 distribution warehouses through Tireweb, American Tire Distributors, Carroll Tire, US AutoForce, Max Finkelstein, TCi Tire Centers, Van Kleeck’s Tire, and others.

Point of Sale

Finding prices is a major reason why consumers research online. Ezytire connects with popular point-of-sale systems, including MaddenCo, JMK, Freedomsoft, and (soon) ASA and AutoBiz.


An Ezytire shopping cart can automate online payments using your choice of processor, whether that’s PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, Merchant Partners, or PayPal Credit.


If you like, your Ezytire shopping cart allows consumers to select drop-ship delivery, using either FedEx or UPS.

Social Networking

Many consumers use social networking to seek recommendations when it’s time to buy tires. Ezytire keeps you connected.

Search Engines

We promote each Ezytire website to help your store appear in search engine results for consumers looking to buy tires.


51% of buyers use a mobile device to find tire prices

Tires on mobile device

A further 44% of buyers use a mobile device to look for discounts and special offers. Ezytire is optimized for mobile screens.

Every Ezytire website has the option of presenting optimized mobile pages that are easy to use on smaller screens. You can choose whether to show tire prices, whether to enable online purchasing, and whether to include coupons and other content that help consumers engage with your business.

Tire Library

Our tire library is the world’s biggest repository of tire information.

Ezytire presents consumers with full details of each tire in your inventory, including passenger, off-road, truck, and agricultural tires. For each tire, Ezytire provides:

  • Make, model, and size
  • Features and benefits
  • Manufacturer specifications
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Available sizes for each pattern

Every tire page includes a photograph and, where possible, a 360-degree, high-resolution image. Try it yourself below or on the right.

The tire library also provides a centralized location to obtain manufacturer rebates, coupons, and video content.

The tire library is made available to:

  • All Ezytire websites; and
  • Any website that uses an Ezytire plugin or connects to the Ezytire web service API.

41% of tire buyers use online videos for research, after which most make their purchase decision

After watching tire comparison videos, product videos, or professional review videos, most consumers took action:

  • 31% visited a tire dealer’s website;
  • 30% visited a tire dealer’s store; and
  • 27% purchased tires online.

The message is clear: tire dealers must have a website, with a shopping cart, presenting tire videos. Anything less, and you’re likely losing business.

Ezytire provides everything you need: the website, the shopping cart, even the videos!

Video playing on tablet


We’ve kept our prices as simple as possible. For more information, please contact us.

Ezytire Website

  • A complete Ezytire website for your business.
  • Connection to your inventory to provide tire pages.
  • An on-going professional marketing campaign.

Contact us for a quote.

* 6-month commitment required

Ezytire Components

  • Various e-commerce and tire-based components to plug in to an existing, non-Ezytire website.
  • Secure access to our Web Services API.

Contact us for a quote.

* 6-month commitment required

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